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Gavin, Sam, Andrew and Ted are joined in the store by Editor-In-Chief of Papercutz Jim Salicrup.  Jim tells how he helped create one of Spider-man's deadliest enemies Venom, paved the way for characters to cross over into different books with them in the title and the history of Papercutz.  From Ernest & RebeccaPower RangersThe Smurfs to the popular WWE Superstars we get the just a small example of the titles they put out. 

We give our take on the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer and explain the differences it has with the Brian Michael Bendis book of the same name.

Finally we give our hot picks for the week and what we are looking forward to next week and Andrew spills some secrets on some events that we are going to have at the store coming up. 

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