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Ted, Andrew, Dimitrios, Sam and Gavin - the whole team are together again! They are joined by writer of the Image Comics book Nightworld - Adam McGovern. We talk about his writing career and all the connections to Jack Kirby that we can think of. Our conversation reveals that Gavin and Andrew may have met before their meeting on this podcast. Meet Sam at her upcoming appearance at SPX this weekend! We riff into our top picks of the week and answer some listener questions.  What do we think of gimmick covers?

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We're having a pizza party! Midtown Comics crew Ted, Andrew and Sam along with co-host and customer Gavin chat with Kill Shakespeare writer Anthony Del Col about the Kill Shakespeare universe and the projects it has spawned, including a upcoming board game.  He talks about his new book Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini.  Then pitted against the collected minds of the hosts in a game of trivia about the people he writes about.  He then talks about his love for boy bands and that turns into the birth of a comic book idea featuring the five of us in a band that solves crimes in the cities we visit while on tour.

Our top pics this week are discussed and a certain mutant in his last days is on the top of our reading pile.

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Midtown Comics Downtown Manager Ted and Marketing Manager Andrew take this week off so the show is left in the hands of Grand Central Manager Dimitrios, Jill of All Trades at Midtown Comics Downtown Sam and customer Gavin as they chat the new comics coming out this week, and the best of the issues they read last week!

Also, a Charles Soule signing at Midtown Downtown, Donald Glover finally getting to play Spider-Man, and a chat about DC Comics future television brand.

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The whole team is finally in the same room for a episode!  Midtown Comics Downtown Manager Ted, Grand Central Manager Dimitrios, Jill of All Trades at Midtown Comics Downtown Sam, Marketing Manager Andrew and customer Gavin are together for the first time.  Dimitrios was even nice enough to bring along a random stranger off the street that he met on the subway earlier that day.  

We catch up on the each others week, talk about last weeks audio problems and Sam tells us about a small independent press expo she's involved in called Paper Jam.

We talk to Becky Cloonan about her upcoming book she's writing Gotham Academy and what it's like to be writing a book in the bat universe.  The gang all took a quiz to see how well they know high school Becky and the results are not what you think. Becky answers questions from the audience and teases us with Zucchini Bread.

We tell you what we thought the best of the week was and how confused we are with Multiversity #1 and what we're looking forward to next week.  

Andrew is called out on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and accepts it during the show. Who does he nominate?

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Original Midtown Comics Podcast Co-host Dimitrios (Manager of Midtown Comics Grand Central) finally makes his first appearance on the new show.  He's fills in Ted (Manager of Midtown Comics Downtown) and Andrew (Midtown Comics Marketing Manager) about how he created his comic Greasers in Greece.  We have lots of questions to answer this week and we let you know what we are all looking forward to this week.  

We apologize for the audio issues in this episode and will try our best for it not to happen again.

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The gang is back and we got a lot to talk about.  Midtown Comics Downtown Store Manager Ted is joined once again with Jill of All Trades at the Downtown Store and Youtube host Sam and Marketing Manager Andrew.  Sitting in for Gavin, who is on vacation (but somehow makes an appearance on the show) is Dan!

We talk about the incredible launch of the New York Comic Con ticket sales at our stores and how great it was to see a great turnout! Andrew tries to find how much a comic expert Ted is, by pitting him against Dan in a battle of comic knowledge about Grant Morrison's New X-men.  A series that Dan just finished reading and Ted read five years ago!  Then we talk our favorite comics for the week and what we're looking forward to next week and even get a little conversation about Lost in there somehow!

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Our lovely panel of hosts Ted (Midtown Comics Downtown Store Manager), Andrew (Midtown Comics Marketing Manager, Sam (Jill of all trades at Midtown Comics Downtown and Youtube video host) and man on the street customer Gavin are joined by friend of the store Jess who got a exclusive first look at the TMNT movie.  She lets us know if it will to appeal to the average fan like herself.

We talk about the launch of the New York Comic Con ticket sales and best tips to get yours this year.

Then we get into a great conversation of famous people who have shopped the store, favorite San Diego Comic Con news and Eisner Award winners.

Of course we talk about what we read this week and what we have our eye on next week.

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Your favorite comic shop retailer employees Ted (Manager of Midtown Comics Downtown), Sam (Jill of all trades at Midtown Comics Downtown and Youtube video host), Andrew (Marketing manager) and customer Gavin introduce you to the first episode in  the reboot of the Midtown Comics Podcast.

In this episode Sam fills us in on her time at The Guardians of the Galaxy world premiere and if it lives up to the hype.  

The staff talk Batman Day and the Death of Archie Andrews,  give you their favorite Comic Con expierences, their favorite reads from the week and what they are looking forward to next week  on the racks.  Then they give you their thoughts on the new Avengers status quo and how can Wolverine actually die? 

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